Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rave for Etsy Seller Kim Art

I have to give a shout out to Etsy seller Kim Art.  Kim is not only a really sweet person, but she is also ultra creative and talented.  On the morning of our wedding this coming Sunday, my fiance Jeremy and I will be heading up to our favorite hiking trail, Bulls Bridge in Kent, CT.  We decided that we wanted to have our own little private pre-wedding ceremony there.  We have contemplated what our marriage means to us, and thought about the qualities that we really want it to embody.  At our favorite spot, on the bank of the Housatonic River, we plan to make offerings to the river of items that represent those qualities and ask for blessings for our wedding ceremony and future marriage.

Well, I couldn't think of a better occasion for a second wedding dress than this! (or first one I guess).  I have my cute white sundress to wear, and I knew that I needed to find something equally cute to put in my hair.  I found Kim Art on Etsy and knew that she would be the perfect person to create a custom flower headband for me.  I have to say that Kim was soooooo passionate about making me the perfect thing to add to my wedding morning look.  Her enthusiasm for my wedding only made me more excited for the occassion! 

She made me a beautiful white double flower headband.  The flowers are made of white satin and white tulle accented with little gold dots.  She finished the flowers with little gold leaves and clear and gold beads.

If you're ever looking for something cute to accent your hair or for a perfect gift, definitely check Kim Art out!  She's super friendly and her prices are really reasonable.  Thanks Kim!


  1. lovely feature! her work is beautiful. thanks for introducing us to her :)

  2. Ooooo that looks so gorgeous in your shiny black hair (I am a little jealous of your hair btw ;)